A Holistic System to Reverse  Inflammation in 30 Days

(and a copy of "Top 9 Tips to Stop Inflammation Now")

Join me as I lead you through a precision designed protocol to reduce the inflammation response in your body. See improvements in your digestion, circulation, skin and pain levels by following the carefully crafted recommendations that address diet, lifestyle, supplements and stress response.

-Amy Hager

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So How Does the System Work?

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Take A Glimpse Inside The 30 Day Protocol

A Healing Experience in 4 Weeks

  1. You receive complete diet guidance that is modeled around the Dr. Wahls Protocol that helped her reverse her own multiple sclerosis. Ingredient buying guides, menu plans and recipes are included. Options available for vegetarians. The focus is on diet quality and removes processed foods, refined foods and includes quality sources of anti-inflammatory nutrients and supplements.
  2. A carefully defined exercise regimen is outlined that favors the production of endorphins, while minimizing the release of the stress hormone, cortisol. Adaptations for multiple fitness levels are included. Suggestions are provided for routines with or without the use of specialized equipment.
  3. One of the cornerstones of this Holistic System is the incorporation of mindfulness practice. This may be a new concept for some and will be a new habit to integrate but is an essential component for maximum healing and inflammation reduction. Videos and MP3s will be included to teach and guide individuals through relaxation and mindfulness based stress reduction
  4. The fourth element to the protocol is the examination and improvement of your environment. We will examine other factors that may be contributing to inflammation, such as pollution, harsh chemicals, body care products and more. Alternative solutions to common household inflammation triggers will be provided. 

About The Author

Amy Hager is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and a Certified Health and Wellness Coach and Diabetes Educator. She has spent over 10 years helping individuals overcome challenges with their health through careful examination of the diet. She has helped hundreds of individuals design personalized nutrition plans to obtain lower blood pressure, improved blood sugar, improved cholesterol as well as helping them attain their goal weight. .

During her time working one on one with clients, she noticed a pattern that when clients began to follow more natural and less refined diets, they saw improvements in many areas, including mood, sleep and energy levels. They physically felt better. Other health ailments started to improve, such as skin conditions, sore joints and mood swings. 

This observation got her to think of the big picture. When clients started to address multiple areas of their health, they saw exponential improvements in their well being. Amy decided it was time to create a comprehensive program for addressing one of the most common health conditions -inflammation. Instead of just creating a diet plan, she has created a complete 30 Day system that impacts all areas of well being. I'm sure you'll agree that this type of holistic approach is the most effective in achieving the most life changing experience.

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